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The Best Eyeliners for Different Eye Shapes

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Eyeliners are a makeup staple for many women. A perfectly applied eyeliner can add drama and depth to your eyes, completing your look and transforming your appearance. However, not all eyeliners are suitable for all eye shapes. Choosing the right eyeliner is crucial to achieve a flattering and eye-catching result. Therefore, here is a guide on the best eyeliners for different eye shapes.

For almond-shaped eyes, nearly every type of eyeliner will look incredible. This eye shape is versatile, and the almond shape can work with everything from waterline eyeliner to sharp cat eyes. However, one of the most flattering eyeliners for almond eyes is liquid eyeliner. A black liner to line the top lash line is perfect for spicing things up.

For round eyes, eyeliner can be used to make them appear more elongated. Using liquid liner to create a subtle cat-eye can make the eye appear longer, accentuating the beautiful roundness of them. It’s necessary to avoid drawing thick lines or going too far out with the wings.

For hooded eyes, liquid eyeliner can also work magic. The trick here is to make sure the liner is smudge-proof and waterproof. The secret to making the eyeliner on hooded eyes pop is to apply it precisely at the midpoint between the upper lashes and the base of the brow bone. This creates the perfect illusion of a wider open eye.

For monolid eyes, it is essential to opt for eyeliners that do not crease, smear or smudge easily. Pencil eyeliners may be easier to work with, but liquid liner generally has more staying power. The easiest way to apply eyeliner is by creating a wing, which can elongate the eye and create more depth.

For deep-set eyes, it is best to use eyeliner to create a more significant definition. Liquid and gel eyeliners are the best to create a bold and defined line. You can also line the waterline with a black liner to make your eyes look even more prominent.

For upturned eyes, a cat eye effect with a slight downward flick is the best way to add a bit of definition. This will balance out the upward trend of the eye, making the eyeliner look more natural.

For downturned eyes, the best best eyeliner to use is a soft, smudgy kohl or pencil liner. Be sure to stay away from heavily drawn lines with wings as this can make the eyes appear even more downturned. It’s best to accentuate the lower lash lines with a smoky effect using a smudgy pencil.

In conclusion, choosing the correct eyeliner for the shape of your eyes is crucial to get the best results. Eyeliners come in different textures, types, and colors to suit different eye shapes. Using the right type of eyeliner can help enhance your eyes and transform your entire look.

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