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Common Terms

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

For your convenience, and to both expedite bookings & help convos flow more smoothly, so we are both on the same page (as well as just for ur own erudition 😉), I am including this list of common SW acronyms, terms, phrases, & abbreviations:

BBBJ – Bare Back Blow Job (no condom)

BBBJTC – Bare Back Blow Job To Completion

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman

BDSM – Bondage, Discipline (or dominatiom) and Sadomasochism

Bondassage –Use of restraints during massage to increase relaxation & tacticle pleasure

CIM – Cum in Mouth

CIMWS – Cum In Mouth & Swallow

Cisgender (Cis) – The description of a person who identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth

CBJ – Covered Blow Job

CMT-Certified Massage Therapist

COF – Cum on Face

DATY – ‘Dining at the Y’ (oral sex on female partner)

DFK – Deep French Kissing

DT – Deep Throat

FBSM: Full Body Sensual Massage (vs purely therapeutic massage)

FIV: Finger in Vagina

FMTY: Fly Me To You (a term used by high-end providers whose clients fly them to a specific destination for an appointment)

FtM (F2M) – Female to Male, a description of a trans* person’s gender

Feminine/Masculine Presenting – A way to describe someone without using specifically gendered language

GFE-Girlfriend Experience-ie, kissing, cuddling, possibly pillow talk/intimate conversation

*PLEASE NOTE: For MOST providers, this term does NOT infer sex w/o a condom!*

Nuru: A type of sensual Japanese massage in which both client & practitioner are typically nude & the practitioner uses full body (coated in oil) for the massage

Open relationship – mutually consenting non-monogamous relationship

Pansexual – Someone attracted to all gender identities

PNDP – Please No Dick Pics

PSE aka Porn Star Experience – sexual experience inspired by common pornography

SAAB – Sex Assigned At Birth

Snowballing – The act of passing semen from one person’s mouth to another

Squirting – Female ejaculation during orgasm

Strap on/Pegging – A dildo (usually worn by the female) used on the other partner (usually male) for anal stimulatiom

Strip tease – An erotic dance that involves taking clothes off

Sugaring (Sugar baby/Sugar daddy) – A relationship in which one party (often the male) financially supports the other party in exchange for companionship and often sexual intimacy.

SW – Sex Worker/s

Toy show –Masturbation using toys-ie dildos, vibrators, etc…

Transgender – A gender description of a person who is going through or has completed a gender transition

Trans– An umbrella term covering identities that transgress binary gender norms

Water sports: sexual activities involving urine/urination

Whorearchy: A sort of class system among sex workers, based on stigma and discrimination.

I hope this list, while it certainly does not cover everything, is helpful!!

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